MySkyNanny offers you the best service right from the beginning and everything from a single source.

On this page you will find our entire range of services in detail.




A positive travel experience begins with a professional preparation. Therefore, MySkyNanny’s mission is to support you in the best way possible to guarantee this experience. We will give you advice and be at your side for any kind of request or concern at any time. Using validated checklists we will guide you through important topics of the journey like:

Specific immigration requirements / travel documents / vaccinations & medicine / travel insurance / child restraint systems / toys & entertainment / kids menus 

Another plus of our travel preparation service is a Skype or telephone call prior to the flight. This will ensure that you and your child get to know your personal nanny in advance and that you are feeling comfortable.


MySkyNanny takes care of the complete ticket booking process. Together with you we coordinate all booking details and give you best recommendations for an enjoyable journey. It is no problem if you have already purchased an airline ticket. In this case we will just book an additional one for your nanny.

Since MySkyNanny works independently form airlines, we can always take into account your personal airline preference and frequent flyer program for upgrades or similar benefits.


The top priority for MySkyNanny is the integrative care, the well-being and the safety of our guests! With MySkyNanny one single person is exclusively taking care of you and/or your child right from the beginning.

Our nannies are carefully selected and must meet strict safety criteria. The following certificates are assumed to be minimum requirements:

Original certificates and experience related education, childcare, care of elderly or as a flight attendant

First aid certificate (not older than 3 years)

Criminal records (CRB/DBS or similar)

Furthermore, our employees receive regular flight safety trainings on board of aircrafts in theory and practice. Those are guided by several EU regulations (e.g. Commission Regulation (EC) 859/2008 or (EC) 1107/2006). Through regular quality checks we assure that the nannies meet our very high standards at any time.

However, the most important thing for us is your feeling. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to meet your personal nanny trough a Skype or telephone call at any time.



MySkyNanny provides you a special security feature at the transfer to the escort on arrival, which is named the Instant Call. Besides the regular proof of identification of the escort, our nannies will call you immediately after landing via Skype or telephone. By using this technology you will know right away that your child has arrived safe and is transferred to the right person upon arrival.

Alternatively, we will send you an arrival notification including a picture via email or text message.



Our Door-to-Door option is a very timesaving and supportive additional service where you do not have to bring or pick up your child to/from the airport. Using this option our nanny will pick up and bring home your child directly to the front door.

Of course, this service is available for our families and guests with reduced mobility in the same way.

*Please note, that unfortunately we cannot provide full coverage of this service in every country. For individual questions please contact us.


The V.I.P. option offers the most exclusive service from MySkyNanny.

On request, we charter a private jet for you and fly directly to your desired destination. A limousine service is of course part of this option.



The service charges of MySkyNanny are composed of the number of stays at an airport and the actual flight time every 15 minutes.

For unaccompanied minors and persons with reduced mobility the service charges stay the same for up to 2 children or persons. The services charges for traveling families stay the same for the care of up to 3 children.

Depending on your itinerary, MySkyNanny distinguishes between two types service charges for the care at an airport:

EUROPE   Flights from and to Europe, including domestic flights

INTERCONTINENTAL   Flights from and to countries outside of Europe​

All ticket costs are determined based on the daily prices of the corresponding Global Distribution System (GDS) or the airline.

Besides your own tickets or the ones for your child, additional tickets for the nanny have to be purchased at your cost. Our experts are always looking for the best price depending on your needs.

If you decide to choose the Door-to-Door or the V.I.P. option, additional costs might occur for rental cars, fuel, limousine services or public transportation.

Our Social Responsibility

The protection and the well-being of children is of special interest for us at MySkyNanny. Therefore, we have defined it as our mission to strongly support the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (UNWTO) in their awareness campaign „Protect Children – From Exploitation in Travel and Tourism“. 

The UNWTO strongly believes that the tourism industry has a moral obligation and a special responsibility to combat child labour, sexual exploitation and trafficking of children. We think so too! „Protect Children“ already enjoys broad support on the part of national governments, tourism boards, other UN agencies as well as partners from the public and private sectors.

„Protect Children“ is a great campaign and that’s why MySkyNanny donates 10€ to the UNWTO for every flight where we care for you.